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Monica Jansen

495 Front Mountain rd, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada


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Welcome to Smart Galley Designs, your go-to destination for innovative kitchen solutions tailored to both marine and land-based environments. We take pride in our expertise in creating ergonomic, efficient, and practical culinary spaces. Our signature line of height-adjustable Ergo-Workstations© sets us apart, offering a new dimension of versatility and comfort in the kitchen. Whether you're a chef navigating the high seas or a land-based culinary maestro, we're here to elevate your cooking experience to new heights—literally and figuratively. Explore our offerings and discover the future of kitchen design with Smart Galley Designs.


Attract and retain top talent with our innovative solutions. Discover the future of workplace efficiency today!


Our line of ergonomic workstations include:

- Work Islands
- Prep Stations
- Pastry Tables
- Equipment Stands
- Pot Sinks

Custom units are available.

Our “Solution Focused Approach” and high-quality ergonomic designs are created to attract and retain galley and kitchen personnel by investing in health, comfort and safety.